Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Sister Vanilla

There are few bands in this world that I can say I love as much as the Jesus and Mary Chain. I mean, we're talking like you can name them on one hand sort of list here. Maybe even half a hand. So last month when I first heard the debut Sister Vanilla album, Little Pop Rock, well, it was like reuniting with an old friend again. A friend you've sorely missed. This album is both the second coming of the Mary Chains as well as the birth of something completely new. While some may see the addition of Linda Reid as only a substitute for an absent Hope Sandoval, I recognize her more as the inspiring light that's brought three of my favorite musicians back together for another go at fame and fortune in the music world. The Famille Reid is joined by one other longstanding Mary Chains member, Ben Lurie. Mr. Lurie of course ably provides bass for Sister Vanilla much as he did for his former outfit. This album has become my favorite of the new year already, though it won't be released until early April. Did I mention its on Chemikal Underground?!?! How cool is that? If I gotta go on about why that's cool you should find another blog to read. So yeah, Sister Vanilla is the 21st century version of the Jesus and Mary Chain and its some of the best work to come from William and Jim Reid to date. Linda's voice adds a whole new dimension to the classic sound in much the same way that Ms. Sandoval did with her guest vocals on "Sometimes Always", from the latter period JAMC opus, Stoned and Dethroned. This album is not one to be missed so be sure to head over to Chemikal Underground and pre-order yourself a copy or three. Your friends will thank you for the kind gift.

Their myspace, they could use your Friendship, so join them!

MP3: Sister Vanilla - Can't Stop the Rock

BONUS MP3: Sister Vanilla - Jamcolas

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